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This page lists companies selling products and services that implement DVB's mobile TV standards, DVB-H, DVB-SH and DVB-IPDC.

*Please note that the inclusion of a company in this list does not guarantee that its products have been declared compliant to DVB standards. Any company wishing to use the DVB logo on its products must first apply for a DVB Trademark Authorised User Agreement on the DVB Services website.

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3 Power - 3 Italy

Leveraging the experience of the first DVB-H commercial launch, 3 Power offers a one stop DVB-H solution, including Business Planning, Network Design and Planning, Handsets and Cooperation Platform.

Abel DRM Systems

Offering DVB Service Purchase and Protection (SPP) solutions. Abel was the first to develop SPP/conditional access for DVB-H based on MicroSD card as the user security module. SIM based operation, DVB OSF, is also supported.


Accenture helped 3 Italia launch the first DVB-H services in less than 12 weeks. To find out how Accenture can help you deploy and manage mobile TV services, click the link to the left.


Alcatel-Lucent’s “Unlimited Mobile TV” solution will use DVB-SH for hybrid satellite/ terrestrial broadcast mobile TV in the 2GHz MSS band. Its quality enhancement features are likely to include antenna diversity, time interleaving and turbo-code.

Alitronika DVS

Alitronika DVS is manufacturer of Digital Video interfacing products such as DVB-T/H/S/C modulators & demodulator devices. AT2800PCI and AT2800USB are DVB-T/H PCI & USB based modulators with RF and IF outputs.


Audemat-Aztec proposes mobile DVB-H meters with GPS receiver and data exportation to Google Earth, remote monitoring solutions of DVB-H transmission quality and continuity as well as transmitters, re-transmitters and gapfillers.

Axel Technologies

A Finnish software company focusing on Mobile TV technologies, Axel offers Salmonstream Mobile, a proven and field tested DVB-IPDC compliant middleware stack for device manufacturers and silicon vendors.

Broadcom Corp.

BCM2900 tuner: A CMOS DVB-H ZIF tuner supporting UHF and both L-bands. BCM 2722 Mobile Multimedia Processor: Decodes WMV-9 or H.264 video at QVGA 30fps whilst consuming just 100mW.


CellMetric design and manufacture highly integrated mobile video test and infrastructure systems including the Modus 2 & 3 DVB-H/T RF signal sources and the Radius 4 DVB-H micro base station.


A RAD Group company providing micro-transmitter and repeater stations that are full implementations of a low-power DVB-H transmission site, including GPS and satellite receivers, IP interfaces, modulator, and HPA - in a 2U box.


CoreMedia provides open standards based service protection technology implementing DVB-IPDC 18Crypt and OMA BCAST standards as well as ESG management software supporting DVB IPDC ESG and OMA BCAST SG.


With dvbSAM decontis provides professional solutions for analysing, monitoring, testing and measurement of DVB-H on all layers, i.e. RF, MPEG-2, MPE, IP, FLUTE/ALC and ESG.


DiBcom’s DIB7070-H is a “Proven Performance” DVB-H Integrated front-end (Tuner + Demodulator) offering enhanced Doppler compensation (up to 130Hz in 8k/8MHz modes) and C/N performance 3 dB better than a “Typical Receiver”.


Discretix is a market leader in embedded security and content protection. Discretix Multi Scheme MobileTV security client offers one of the best solutions for DVB-H & OMA-BCAST secure distribution & consumption.


DTVinteractive provides DVB-H signal generator, Analyzer and Real-time MUX-ESG generator. You can use All-in-One DVB-H Signal Generator and Analyzer supports Time-slice, MPE-FEC, DVB-PSI/SI and FLUTE & ESG Analysis for Your Development.


ECRESO proposes DVB-T and DVB-H low power transmitters, re-transmitters and gapfillers from 0,5 to 200W. Devices offer as a standard monitoring and 1+1 functions.


Egatel is manufacturer of DVB-T/H transmitters, transposers and gap fillers (MFN and SFN with echo canceller) from 1Wrms up to 2KWrms focused on the professional broadcast market


Elonics' E4000 is a low power (100mW) integrated tuner multi-standard including DVB-H which allows manufacturers to design high performance multi-band TV front-end with unrivalled power consumption and low system cost.


DVB-T/H transmitters and repeaters from 0,5W-5kW air and liquid cooled. DVB-T/H SFN gap-filler with echo canceller 0,5W-100W. Antenna system and combiners for DVB-T/H. Complete broadcast solutions - transmitting together.

ENENSYS Technologies

DVB-H end to end Broadcast solution: MobileTV transcoder and scrambler, DVB-H IP Encapsulators, complete SFN solution, MPEG2 over IP gateway, Modulators, Test & Monitoring solution.

Envivio Inc.

Envivio 4Caster M2 is a real time H.263/H.264, multi-standard encoder optimised for mobile TV services. The M2 can output and manage up to eight subscriber profiles simultaneously from a single input.
Ethertronics is a manufacturer of internal, tunable UHF antennas which can be embedded into a variety of compact and handheld devices. The Tavvel product line eliminates, or minimizes, the need for an external antenna and associated circuitry.


EXPWAY software solutions include FastESG, an end-to-end ESG dedicated to Mobile TV and based on DVB-IPDC specifications for DVB-H. FastESG was the world’s first DVB-IPDC compliant solution commercially deployed.

Fanamoj Group

Offering state-of-the-art head-end and transmission equipment for DVB-H, including Low/Medium power transmitters, IP Encapsulators and SFN adapter units. Full solution for Mobile TV based on our products and deep knowledge.

FASTCOM Technology

Thanks to its expertise and market know-how, FASTCOM’s team can help you to select the right components, to integrate them and test the resulting DVB-H solution or product.

Fraunhofer HHI

Fraunhofer HHI, as one of the main inventors of H.264/MPEG4-AVC compression, offers a number of sophisticated products, know-how and services all along the DVB-H system, including AV-Encoder, Crypting, Media Players and HW-Decoders.

Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer IIS focuses on DVB-H player SDKs for Windows CE and embedded Linux based devices. Its SDK offers optimised AV-codecs, an integration of ISMACryp and operates with DVB-H receivers via IP-interface.

Freescale Semiconductors

Direct Conversion Tuners for DVB-H: MC44CD02 (UHF); MC44CD03 (1.67GHz - USA). Low-power applications processors for DVB-H terminals such Portable Media Players: MCMIX31, MCMIX31L, MCIMX27. Cellular Platforms with DVB-H capability: MXC300-30.

Frontier Silicon Limited

Paradiso FS1030 multi-standard digital TV IC, designed specifically for receiving mobile TV, audio and data services over multiple broadcasting standards including DVB-H and DVB-T.

Harris Corporation

Harris offers DVB-H transmitter solutions from milliwatts to 9 kW in the UHF band, UHF gap-fillers, and convection-cooled systems for L-Band transmission of DVB-H services.

Icareus Ltd.

Icareus Playout products for ESG generation, Flute carousel and IP Encapsulator provide exceptional support for OMA-BCAST. Our interactivity platform iTV Suite and applications help operators to increase the ARPU and customer experience.


Fibre optic DVB-T/H RF transmission equipment, especially designed for indoor and underground broadcasting. IFOTEC products work for point-to-point, daisy chain and star networks. They include supervision options.

Imagination Technologies

IP platforms for multi-standard mobile TV receivers including support for DVB-H. IP range includes programmable multi-standard receiver; multi-threaded DSP/RISC processor; and full range of video cores.

Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon's OmniVia TUS9090 SoC integrates DVB-H/T demodulator, multi-band (VHF, UHF and L-bands), multi-service, software suite and can be supplied packaged or bare bumped die where form factor is critical.

Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH - IZT

IZT provides a DVB-T/H signal generator with realtime signal generation capable of timeslicing, MPE-Encapsulation, PSI/SI generation, powerful impairment simulation, antenna diversity tests and automated type acceptance tests for development and manufacturing.

Innoxius Technologies

Offering DVB-H Basestations, Indoor mini-basestations and SDIO, MiniSD and USB receivers. Solutions include an all-in-one broadcast solution in a single chassis with ESG, Encoding, IPE, modulation and up-conversion.

Intraway Corporation

Intraway Provisioning Suite helps MSOs manage and automate service provisioning and activation, self-care and technical support for multiple technologies, including DVB-H based mobile TV.


PerMIT-DxB: a multi-purpose analysis tool for DVB-H / DVB-T networks: measurements (including CIR, spectrum, Pre/Post Viterbi, PostRS) based on software-defined radio; open system for customer specific upgrade to other standards.


Irdeto offers conditional access for DVB-H Mobile TV, based on nearly 40 years of pay TV security experience and adapted to the needs of the mobile world.

IRT - Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH

IRT offers its frequency planning software FRANSY for planning digital (including DVB-H & DVB-T) and analogue (analogue-TV, FM-radio) networks, considering wanted and unwanted transmitters, and allowing for coverage calculations.


Professional solutions for broadcasting: development and manufacture of DVB-T/H, FM and analogue transmitters as well as a wide range of antenna-feeder devices focused on the professional broadcast market. In addition, both complex development and turnkey installation of DVB-T/H broadcast networks.


LambdaStream standards-based interoperable Mobile TV products include: Antares ESG (end-to-end solution DVB-IPDC compliant); BMX (playout & scheduling server) and VoDKA (on-demand streaming server ready for 3G).

LS telcom AG

LS telcom specialises in planning, coordination and optimisation of DVB-H, hybrid and broadcast networks through own multi-standard software solutions, consulting and engineering services.


OPTIMUX Efficient Regional Content Distribution (85% savings) - direct to TV transmitters in SFN - interoperable with any 3rd party head-end; IPE StatMux;
AVC-Encoders and Transcoders parallel 16 TV channels with StatMux; ASI-IP Adapters.

Media Excel

Media Excel Hera 3200m: Real-time MobileTV transcoder offering 4 channels input and up to 24 unique channels simultaneous output (H.264/H.263/MEPG4) within 1U appliance, remotely manageable and fault tolerant.


Leveraging our expertise across mobile and video, Motorola is bringing DVB-H solutions to our partners, wireless operators, and broadcasters around the globe.

Nagravision - Kudelski Group

Nagravision's proven Nagra Mobile TV and Mobile Media security solutions, integrated in various leading handsets, are securing since June 2006 in Italy the world's first Mobile TV DVB-H commercial services


NDS offers an end to end solution for DVB-H Mobile TV, providing Headend equipment, in addition to Conditional Access Solutions, ESG, Interactive solutions and Mobile PVR, integrated in various handsets.

NEC Europe Ltd

NEC provides streaming servers, a range of 18 DVB-T & DVB-H transmitters (30W-10kW), ASI-IP & IP-ASI converters and Microwave systems. NEC Europe is based in London with sales offices throughout Europe.


The NeMIP BSF (Bootstrapping Server Function) creates a security
relation based on 3GPP AKA to authenticate handset communications and
further content delivery for mobile TV.

Newport Media Inc.

Newport Media is a Mobile TV receiver IC provider. Its DVB-T/H product “NMI310” shows best-in-class performance and very low power consumption with small package as a real SoC which integrates RF tuner, Demodulator and Memory on a single CMOS die.

Newtec Cy N.V.

Newtec provides the Horizon, a fully integrated DVB-H transceiver, including satellite receiver, COFDM modulator and SFN synchronisation. Newtec also provides solutions for mobile-TV content distribution over satellite in DVB-S/S2.

Nokia Corporation

Nokia offers an end-to-end mobile TV solution, consisting of Mobile Broadcast Solution, a Mobile TV server head-end for mobile operators, broadcasters and service providers and a commercial mobile TV device, Nokia N92.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks Media Delivery Solution enables a holistic Mobile TV approach for Unicast / streaming & DVB-H broadcast. Our solution supports interoperability with devices from all major manufacturers, interactive applications and is multi-operator capable.


NVIDIA Corporation is a worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies. NVIDIA's GoForce 5500 Handheld GPU provides the video acceleration for class-leading DVB-H handsets worldwide.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors offers TV-on-mobile products (complete frond-ends: BGT215 (7x7 mm, DVB-H), PDD3026 (fully integrated module, DVB-H/T)) with extensive HW/SW support available for design-in.

Ocean Blue Software

Ocean Blue Software is a specialist digital TV software developer. Our software is used in consumer products supporting eg: Digital TV's, mobile TV, PVR and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) markets, including DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-H.

Penthera Technologies, Inc.

Providing Penthera Broadcast Center, an IPDC/Services Platform; Penthera Viewer, a mobile client application/middleware; and Penthera Broadcast Foundation, a pre-configured, end-to-end, mobile broadcast environment for lab and demo purposes.

PnpNetwork Technologies, Inc.

PnpNetwork’s PN3032IF is a new technology driven multi-standard supporting (including DVB-H and DVB-T) demodulator for mobile digital TV applications with the advantages of USB2.0 & SDIO interfaces.

Progira Radio Communication

Progira is an independent broadcast network consultant and software producer for DVB-H and other standards. Our software GiraPlan is used for broadcast network and frequency planning and verification.

ProTelevision Technologies A/S

ProTelevision Technologies specialises in developing and refining the technology behind COFDM based Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting. ProTelevision manufactures DVB-T/H Modulators, Digital Repeaters, Re-Modulators and MIP Inserters.


Quantum offers DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH automotive STBs and iconic unconnected/connected 4.3” touchscreen PMPs featuring TV, GPS navigation, internet browser and HSDPA, securely delivering the ultimate mobile entertainment by integrating major CAS vendors.

Radio Frequency Systems

Mobile TV in 2GHz MSS band is a reality. RFS manufactures a broadcast filter-diplexer for the DVB-SH terrestrial repeater allowing an easy upgrade on existing GSM900, GSM1800 or UMTS sites.

RENESAS Technology

RENESAS provides DVB-H system solutions, powered by SH-Mobile multimedia processors.The scalable solutions achieve best-in-class performance and power consumption due to hardware acceleration of HE-AACv2, WMV9 and H.264/AVC (VGA@30fps).

RRD - Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali spa

“DVB-H in a box” is a complete off the shelf system including all the elements needed to deliver a high quality and reliable DVB-H service: Play-out, Head-end, CAS, ESG, control and management capabilities.


Selecom design and manufacture DVB-H/T/SH gap fillers, re-transmitters and combiners. Selecom provides repeaters up to 10W with echo canceller, remote control, indoor or outdoor and dual band GSM DVB-H/SH .

Siano Mobile Silicon

Siano’s SMS1010, all CMOS single chip (Tuner and Demodulator), is a low power low cost Multi-band Multi-Standard MDTV receiver, including support for DVB-H and DVB-T.


SIDSA is an international provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of Digital TV, IP TV, Mobile TV, Conditional Access systems and Broadband.

Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3)

The Connected Consumer Technology Company. Its onHandTV software client manages TV and data services over broadcast, multicast and unicast bearers, delivered to multiple mobile devices. onHandTV ensures faster time-to-market and reduced risk for mobile operators and device manufacturers worldwide.

Sofia Digital

Provides interactive services for DVB-H including Sofia Backstage server products for service scheduling, integration and content aggregation as well as ESG information management and Sofia Stage clients for Java enabled terminals. Solutions support filecast and internet delivery channels and have been integrated with DVB-H head-end systems.

SONY Semiconductor & Electronic Solutions

Sony Semiconductor, a division of Sony Corporation offer a leading edge Tuner & Demodulator chipset and/or ultra small size module for application into DVB-H enabled handsets or terminals.

TANDBERG Television

The mPlex encoder platform, IPE, combined with nCompass Control/Monitoring deliver the Broadcast/Telco grade solution for Mobile TV headends. An accepted industry premier vendor for professional compression solutions: Encoding, Transcoding, Scrambling, IPTV, MPEG-4 AVC.

Tata Elxsi Limited

Offers complete MobileTV solution on Mobile phones, PMPs and other handheld devices with full user experience. Its multi-standard middleware addresses emerging standards like OMA BCAST & DVB-IPDC and is ready for DVB-SH.


TeamCast offers a range of OEM DVB-H and DVB-SH modules - ModulCast - for transmission and test equipment, including modulators, professional demodulators with antenna diversity, on-channel repeaters, signal generators with embedded channel emulator, MIP inserters, TS stream combiners and splitters, frequency synthesizers, etc…

Thomson - Grass Valley

Thomson offers a comprehensive mobile-broadcasting solution including Argos mobile TV encoder, Sapphire playout server, Opal DVB-H IP encapsulator, Jade ESG server, Cobalt analyzer, SmartVision Mobility service platform and Elite transmitters.

Ubipart Ltd.

Interact - a platform to create, deploy, control and support interactive TV services for DVB-H, Filecast server - an ALC/FLUTE file delivery carousel, ESG Data Manager - a metadata management tool to import, process and publish service information


DVB-H IP Encapsulator (IPE-10); IPE Network Manager; iSplicer - system for distribution of DVB-H content via satellite directly to transmitters; DVB-H Analyser GOLDENEAGLE - test reception equipment dedicated for broadcast monitoring

Unique Broadband Systems Ltd.

UBS Ltd. is a Canadian company developing complete DVB-H solutions, leveraging from its technological expertise in IP Encapsulators, COFDM modulators, and transmitters.


Viaccess offers content protection solutions for DVB-H mobile TV, leveraging an extensive experience in conditional access and DRM for broadcast and broadband TV, as well as downloaded content.

WRG Inc.

WRG supplies an end-to-end DVB-H/DVB-T middleware solution named Jelly, covering the whole range of DVB-IPDC, OMA BCAST, DRM Profile, and Smartcard Profile. Jelly DVB-H has been commercialized in Italy (IPDC) and the Netherlands (BCAST) with a leading global handset company.






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